Natural Health And Beauty Tips and Tricks
This is a blog dedicated to natural ways health and beauty tips and tricks to make you look and feel better with household items! :) *None of the pictures used are mine* I am not a medical professional, so you should consult your doctor before trying anything new.
Anonymous asked: Hi I get little white spots under my skin can u help?

Do you mean whiteheads? If so, get a bowl of hot water, and put your face above it and cover the back of your head. This will cause your pores to open up and then you will be able to squeeze whatever is under your skin out.

Anonymous asked: i have a really oily face, and it's prett bad when i wake up. help?

Be sure to wash your face at least once every day. Especially before you go to bed. Use a face wash that is designed to treat oily skin. Sleep with your hair in a ponytail or bun (as long as it’s off your face) to avoid contact between the natural oils in your hair and your face. Also, avoid touching your face as much as possible throughout the day. 

Anonymous asked: I have an.oily scalp and dandruff. Do you know anything I can do to control it?

Check out this page. It lists some methods for treating oily scalp and dandruff. Let me know how it works out. 

Anonymous asked: What make-ups do you suggest?

I really like the naked eyeshadow palettes. Although they can be quite expensive. A good comparable palette is the costal scents neutral palette. Personally, I use a L’oreal Paris felt tip eyeliner pen on some days. And some days I wear MAC eyeshadow- theirs are really good quality and last a long time. Mascara-wise, I change it up every time I run out. I usually go with drugstore brands such as Maybelline and L’oreal, etc, although I am absolutely in love with Sephora’s mascara… it’s just that it’s pretty expensive. 

Anonymous asked: Is there a way to lessen period pains that doesnt involve pain relievers?

If it’s cramps, then bananas will help. Also, try a heating pack or a hot bath.

Anonymous asked: Are there any hair masks I can use to help my split ends?

The best thing to do about split ends is to get them cut. This will make sure to keep your hair fresh and healthy. As for hair masks- I use the renewing moroccan argan oil hair mask treatment and it keeps my hair healthy and soft. I would definitely recommend it! 

Want to lift your mood?
Add a banana to your breakfast. A morning meal cuts your risk of the blues by 75 percent, Harvard University research shows. On top of that, bananas are rich in compounds that amp up serotonin output, which boosts happiness and focus for 4 hours, according to british researchers.
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Anonymous asked: do you have recommendations for shampoo and conditioner? :] any will do

I really like Acure Organics

Anonymous asked: i have very dry and damaged hair because I beach it and since I did not liked it I died it black, and now is black and dry and damaged, I want to grow it out please tell me about a product or something to repair it and another to grow it out faster or all the tips you know.. SOS :(

Well, Dove Shampoo and Conditioner has a good damage repair line. I would recommend trying that. Also, use coconut oil, as that will add moisture to help your hair. And to make it grow faster, get regular trims to get rid of split ends and try to avoid using heat products.

Anonymous asked: How can I lighten my knees?

One method is to cut a lemon and rub it on your knees. Another method is to use equal parts lime and honey and rub it on your knees. These might not work on the first try (and I have never tried them personally) but it’s worth a shot.

Anonymous asked: Tips for the pool when wearing your swimsuit and care! (hair,skin,feet,face?)

Use lots of sunscreen! Also, put your hair up in a pony tail when you go swimming so that it doesn’t get tangled and knotty. Be sure that after you go swimming, you wash your hair and use conditioner because the chlorine will dry out your hair and the conditioner will replenish the moisture.

Anonymous asked: Tips for taming frizzy hair? I'm so tied of my hair :(

I would suggest using a coconut shampoo and conditioner. When you use the conditioner, leave it in for a few minutes (I usually put conditioner in and then shave before I rinse the conditioner out). Then when you dry your hair, wrap the towel like a turban and leave it on for a few minutes because the warmth trapped inside the towel absorbs the moisture. Also, put some coconut oil on a wide tooth comb (just a tiny tiny bit) and brush it through your hair.

Anonymous asked: My lips are sorta wrinkly. How do I make them plump maybe permanently? :)

To help with the wrinkly-ness, use a lip balm regularly. I use one every night before I go to bed. I use Nivea and it works really well. As for the plumpness; Keeping your lips moisturized will make them plump. So like I said; use a good moisturizer every night for bed (not chapstick or lipsmacker- they won’t do anything) use something like Burt’s Bees, Carmex, or Nivea.

Anonymous asked: Hello <3 Ive been taking biotin pills daily and I don't know why but I think they're making me break out. Why is this? (I don't take them with meals) I still would like to take them because I paid for a whole bottle and I just really don't want to break out because my skin takes a loong time for scars to fade. Thanks! xx

I’m not too familiar with biotin pills and their side effects, so I wouldn’t know if they are the cause of your break outs or not. However, I would suggest making sure that you’re washing the area you break out in twice a day with warm water and mild soap and use an astringent too, to see if this helps. Tell me how it goes and if it doesn’t work, I can give you more tips as far as I know.